About Us

Looking Forward was founded in 2014, we are a 501 (c) 4 nonprofit whose mission “is to make Central Oregon a better place to live.” Our shared values include a care and concern for the communities that make up Central Oregon, with an eye on protecting the culture that has made us who we are. 

In order to drive the initiatives and embrace the solutions that help our region and the communities within it, we listen to, ponder, study, and share what we learn and then we connect the resources required to get the job done. 


Listen, Ponder & Study: We listen to, ponder, and study key issues that impact our region. 


Share: We share what we learn on those impactful issues; with our region’s leaders, influencers, and organizations. 


Connect: We connect the people and the resources that are needed to resolve the issue.


Past organizations we have worked with include OSU, City of Bend, Deschutes County, Bend/LaPine School District, St. Charles Hospital, Bend Chamber of Commerce, Bend 2030, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, COIC, and Economic Development of Central Oregon (EDCO).


Our membership includes people with expertise in business, government, education and nonprofits. Our team members have either 1) made an impact on our region or 2) are in a position to do so.  We strive to be eclectic, our membership mix includes:


  • Young & Old(er)
  • Male & Female
  • New Economy & Traditional Economy
  • Nonprofit & For-profit
  • Working & Retired
  • Local & Remote 

If you are interested in us working on a project, send us an email with the scope of your project.  Contact us at:   jim.schell5  (at) gmail.com.