Here are a few projects we have worked on, or are working on, since founding Looking Forward in October of 2012:

Current Projects:  
  • Growth vs. No Growth 
  • Performance metrics for government agencies
  • Homelessness and mental health issues 
  • How to preserve the positive aspects of the Central Oregon/Bend Culture 
  • How to support strengthening health care
  • How to continue to connect Bend La Pine Schools to the business community 
  • COCC:  How to support future leadership
  • COIC:  How can we support their new direction
  •  OSU Cascades: Continue to support OSU Cascades 


  •  Organized and hosted “Traditional and New Economy” business leader events in Bend.     
  • Provided guidance to Bend 2030 on their strategic direction and implementation plans. 
  • Support OSU Cascades in launching a campus in Bend.
  • Helped foster and enhance a better Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Bend.
  • Provided advice, assistance and ideas to help foster and grow several new business 'clusters' that are emerging in Bend (Brewery, Outdoor and Technology). Also advise and aid in connecting these clusters to share insights, experiences, skills and opportunities. 
  • Reviewed EDCO Strategic Plan and provided feedback and advice.
  • Provided advice and assistance in restructuring and revitalizing the Stable of Experts with EDCO.
  • Provided advice and help in advancing the Bend Venture Conference. 
  • Visited and met with business, entrepreneurial and startup leaders in the City of  Boulder to study and observe the dynamics behind Boulder's evolution and recommend related best practices to Central Oregon’s business ecosystem.
  • Presented keynote address at Bend PubTalks as relates to observations from Boulder trip. 
  • Participated in Bend Chamber of Commerce Advisory meeting. 
  • Led the Launch of a TEDx Salon series that resulted in the formation of a Women Leadership committee. 
  • Advised the Central Oregon Food Policy Council in developing food gleaning program for Bend/LaPine school district.